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The Founder

January 15, 2014 in News Tags:

And now, dear reader, get up and quietly take off his hat to the real American civil society – for all-different funds, fondikov and public associations in the country of America – not even count! And all this – really works well, then is not working to the founder of the Fund collected across the country labor dollars in the Bahamas delayed works, performed the task at the base of the fund: the raccoons there the river rescues from drought or provides an opportunity for girls from poor Russian families to pursue higher education in America. So that's "grown together": Found fund, agreed to pay 50% of the tuition at the university and found a university, which has shown interest in teaching abiturientku with this level of knowledge of such money. The system worked! Now note the question – in the country of Russia can not rich, but a talented young man (woman) from the provinces, getting good results on a single public examination, to find a fund investor, and to go study in college? Well, not in Moscow itself, but at least Peter? Eh? Response can not hear? Here's something and it But in a country Russia can try to take credit for a college education. What is it and how to do this? Educational loan – a special type of loan, calculated on the socio-economic characteristics of students. Repayment of student loans begins after 5 years of training after graduation institution of higher education. Here's what should be the terms of the loan for education: – the interest rate to 10% (normal loan – 19%) – the amount to 25 thousand U.S.

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