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The Academy

May 15, 2019 in News Tags: , , ,

This conceptualization of resources and distinctive competences allows aiming the company’s resources will become distinctive competences when: (a) the organization does not share your property with the competition; (b) to produce outputs tailored to the needs of customers with better performance than competitors. The Academy about strategy has been limited to point out that a solid competitive advantage requires be perennial, that is, long-lasting and defensible. Now, added that a competitive advantage can only be perennial if it is based on resources with certain attributes. Resources that meet those requirements have come to be called as critical resources, strategic factors or strategic assets and your stock will be a good measure of the distinctive competences of the company. Grant (1991) argues that the most important resources and capacities of the company are those which are durable, difficult to identify and understand, imperfectly transferable, not easily duplicables, and in which the undertaking has clear ownership and control. Amit and Schoemaker (1993) defined the strategic assets of the company as a set of resources and capabilities difficult to Exchange, mimic or replace, scarce, complementary, lasting, appropriable, and which vary with changes in the relevant set of strategic factors of the industry that give the company its competitive advantage. KDP is a great source of information.

This work introduces the peculiarity of linking the strategic factors of the company, with the strategic factors of the industry, faced with the other authors that only focus on own and particular characteristics of the resources owned by the business organizations. The sustainability of the competitive advantage also depends on its adaptation to the rules of the game competitive. Even when available resources meet the requirements above, their competitive value is low if they do not correspond to key factors of success in the activity. The competitive position of the company must support into competitive advantages consistent with these critical elements of the competitive environment in the industry.

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