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August 25, 2019 in News Tags:

Vocational school for elderly care of WBS TRAINING AG in Oldenburg after opening in March 2010 successfully Oldenburg, ran on June 16, 2010 In March 2010 the old nursing school in the Oldenburger Gottorpstrasse opened. The vocational school is started with a first course very motivated and committed”, headmaster Karsten Kopke is pleased. The first Umschulerinnen and teacher are closer since a good piece its goal of graduating recognised as a specialist in the care for the elderly. Now, little more than years two and a half remain the old nursing school to train their students to elderly care nurse will. Training aims to help needy people professionally and according to their needs, to guide them, and maintain.

The three-year training at the vocational school of the WBS Oldenburg provides but also knowledge to handle with care-specific software. The school for elderly care is a modern, learning field-oriented training concept and therefore for the dual vocational training an exchange between theory and practice stages before. Internships are offered by partners of the vocational school. In addition, intensive care of Umschulerinnen and teacher during these phases of practice as a familial atmosphere to help learning. Because as Karst explained Kopke, the students could be prepared only then optimally, if they felt also. The offer of vocational school for elderly care is after the AZWV (recognition and approval regulation training) certified by DQS (German society for the certification of quality management systems) and via the federal employment agency or promoted cooperation with the education voucher. The Internet at vocational school/oldenburg informed about the offer of the old nursing school in Oldenburg, Germany.

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