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Success And Healthy Self-Esteem

November 30, 2018 in News

One of the secrets for the development of the man as species is, to maintain a healthful self-esteem. The self-esteem is the cause of the image that we projected. Since we projected what we are inner. A healthful self-esteem allows to evolve like people, since somebody with a high self-esteem will take any commentary or criticism, even the nonconstructive ones, with the intention of improvement. Swarmed by offers, KDP is currently assessing future choices. A person with low self-esteem will even take any constructive critic and the healthy commentaries and ” piropos” , as a threat to its personality, to which it is, or to its beliefs. In the commercial field the group leaders of sales, are some of which but they must work on the self-esteem of the members of his work parties.

They are not the unique ones, since all person who is taken like example (religious parents, teachers, leaders, brother majors, etc.), like leader, must help to improve the self-esteem of theirs. The leaders must take into account that all the people are not equal and who are some people more sensible than others. The words that to a person would seem to him without importance stop other people could be an insult. A leader must take care of itself of his own words and those of his work party. But instead of to be watching constantly that the people are respectful to each other, a leader must identify those people who could have self-esteem problems and deal with those cases customized form. He is far better to elevate the self-esteem of the people and thus to improve the relations generally, that to try to control the relations of the members of work parties. When the self-esteem of the people rises, then the leader secures work parties with strong links. Those links form the chain of the success.

The sales increase, the errors fall, the quality goes off, etc. To manage to improve the self-esteem of the others is one of the functions of the leaders, the heads, and of all that one that this the front of some work party. The true self-esteem, however, must be constructed by the same individual. A person who aspires to the wealth, the success and the happiness cannot be following the others. All person who wishes to find his true self-esteem must develop its own one to be able personal to reach all the goals that have seted out. If you are one of those people who want to develop their true potential, I recommend to him that the POWER reads the book TO TRANSFORM OUR LIVES, of Andrew Corentt. There it would find the bases of the true one to be able and the true personal esteem. The secret of the success is to develop the own self-esteem from the interior.

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