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So Much To Read

May 5, 2014 in News Tags: ,

Sometimes remains not much in our head hanging had this idea ever? We read everything and surprised two days later, that we know actually hardly read information. And one or the other wonders sometimes whether the telling perhaps is waste of time. Yes and no. Yes, if I once read something, and may still not even completely focused and distracted. No, when I read “properly” so that my brain has also the opportunity to memorize the information. They try but the following here are two tips on reading and using these simple techniques of reading, you can much better to keep information and use… 1 awareness the first step to effective reading is the awareness.

“If you answer the question before reading a text: why I am reading it now?” becomes aware of your brain. “It registers: here comes now something important, that’s me!” In this way, gets something to do with your personal life-world of the text and is not more from theoretical foreign information”. Thus, the likelihood is greater that you remember the information. 2. Notes make notes are an open secret, everyone knows that but still far too few apply.

By writing notes, enter your brain a break so to speak. The read-flow is interrupted and the brain has the ability to think about what you have just read, and to remember the information. This move the read information back deeper in your memory and make room for new information. Use this technique to prevent that the first read information be replaced by the new. Test it yourself for most people these strategies work very well.

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