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Save Money On Apparel Labor

July 21, 2018 in News Tags:

Companies generally consider the wardrobe for its employees as an indirect cost that does not give added value to their products. Beyond the legal obligation to provide workers the uniformity and the protection elements necessary for their job, there is the possibility of removing economic performance to this cost. We shall now proceed to renumber four advantages of a correct uniformity in the work: to) brand image: Customize the costume with the logo of the company (through embroidery, screen printing, transfer, etc) allows you to advertise your company both current customers and potential customers. Likewise if the wardrobe for the company customer combines its corporate colors, in a modern design, with a few quality fabrics perceived that the operator belongs to a modern, concerned about security and constant innovation company. (b) employees location: imaginemosnos a work where working several subcontractors. How to locate my workers if they all dressed like the army of Pancho? Villa? Very simple, dress them with their corporate colours (exit so seen Navy Blue), with a unique design (flee import) and this problem will be quickly solved. (c) rotation of the locker room: in a normal dialogue with employees always going to prefer will provide a comfortable and nice although not costume are you every year.

A very graphic example is the subject of the pledge of abribo. usually companies give an anorak every year, usually of low quality, which at the end of the year and having to give a new one still in perfect conditions. Why can not negotiate with workers giving one every two years of higher quality? The user will be happy to take a pledge of more quality and you also to have saved a purchase and become part of the corporate wardrobe for your company a garment of different quality to the overall average of the companies. d) prevent is save: is not time to talk of possible sanctions of public administrations for the breach in the protection of workers. Beyond these possible penalties, provide a worker proper attire and personal protection items that they advise their job title, allows avoid industrial accidents, casualties by occupational diseases or small injuries that would have been easily preventable with proper uniformity.

Taking into account these aspects it is easy to understand that a correct uniformity in an enterprise reduces the direct and indirect costs and provides the business with a more modern and more associated with our brand image.

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