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Pablo Freire

September 8, 2014 in News Tags:

However, the projects cannot remain only in the minds of the different groups, are not enough, that projects thought collectively exist, are necessary that the projects and its thinkers assume a dimension form politics to defend forms of overcoming of the social reality. In this manner, we can understand this ' pensar' on education as one ' ' new form to make poltica' ' , one politics directed toward the interests of the groups in an action movement, reaction, reflection, that makes in them to understand ' ' the inherent politicidade to the processes educativos' '. Pablo Freire thinks an education directed toward the awareness on this reality of dependence dominadora, that is, the education proposal for it is come back toward the transformation of this reality and if it differentiates of the traditional education. The politician-pedagogical thought of Freire if bases on the perspective of the dialogue, awareness and pedagogia of the oppressed one. E, around all this discursivo and problematizador movement where if they construct the practical ideas and of Pablo Freire, is associated with the idea of freedom and democracy.

Pablo Freire defends an education directed toward the autonomy where educating is agent of its proper learning, constructing its knowledge for the dialogue, for the critical one, for the reflection and the co-participation. An education citizen, humanitarian, constructed through the sense-common one and elaborated with the participation of all. With the advance in the development of the technologies, – the sprouting of new educative necessities. The school is equipped of new technological tools, what it provokes a new challenge for the professionals of education the pertaining to school community unchains the most varied reactions in all. Some are presented anxious, worried, from fear the new; others are positivistas, they believe the innovation perspective and search intelligent methods to guarantee a significant learning through softwares that they consider activities that exercise the ability to think, to reflect and if to make creative.

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