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March 16, 2013 in News Tags: ,

There is a hobby generalizada por cafes in throughout Morocco. They are the place of meeting, relax and sometimes also even work. In them smoking is therefore sometimes some foreigners will not be comfortable in these places. Instead, in cafes, alcohol is not served. Products that are typically consumed are especially hot drinks: Classic tea with Mint, the legendary nes-nes (coffee with milk), or even soft drinks.

Another very typical drink of Morocco and of which we can find a wide variety are the juices (citrus, avocado, Apple, banana). It is not easy to instead find good pastries in the cafes. If what we want is to delight us with Moroccan sweets then we should pay a visit to any traditional pastry and there purchased gazelle horns, the kharja or any another wonder for the palate with which delights us the gastronomy of the country. In most of the coffees we can feel us to consume such products purchased in other establishments always that I ask something to drink. It is not very common to see women in the cafes, but every day there are more which are encouraged to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of these premises.

Often, the owners reserve a more intimate part of them which is usually located either on the top floor or in the rear of the building in question. There are instead many women who frequent the local specialized in juices. There it is less common to find smokers and sometimes the atmosphere is most suitable if you are with children. In the city of Marrakech we recommend a visit to the Cafe de France, in the Jemaa Fna square. The room is divided into two parts: restaurant and Cafe. Prices are not bad having into account that we are in the middle of Medina. The coffee party is meeting place of some intellectuals as the writer Juan Goytisolo, who is often found there quietly enjoying which has declared several times if his favorite bar.

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