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Lead From The Future

September 22, 2018 in News Tags: ,

How companies can meet the challenges of the present our current patterns of thought and action lead straight into the crisis. Sustainable corporate management needs therefore the paradigm shift in the management style. A study of pioneers of sustainability is indicative of internal driving forces of change in management. Economic and financial crisis, climate crisis, crisis of global coexistence, but also personal life crisis: Thinking and the behaviors that have led us into this crisis, are certainly not likely to overcome these. We know that we do very much wrong, but it takes way too long, to profound changes to be visible. This applies to organizations such as for individuals. For assistance, try visiting Richard Linklater. \”The ability to convert us lags far behind the needs\”, for organizational learning in Cambridge, United States says Dr.

Ursula Vaishnav of the society. A fundamental paradigm shift was therefore necessary. Verse tea gene has for years closely with Professor Dr. Otto Scharmer, author of the book \”Theory U – of the future lead: Presencing as social engineering\”, together. In Germany there are quite a few companies that are about to make their management and organization structures, so already better fit our time to the complex challenges.

This applies in particular to many pioneering companies in the sustainability sector. How these pioneers of sustainability make their change and innovation processes? What can the heads and managers of these companies and know? What are their personal resources, their power? Where they encounter limits? And most importantly: can the experiences of these pioneers for the bulk of the economy be harnessed? These questions are the subject of a small dialog survey, conducted by the consultant verse tea gene with ten German business leaders. The study is a project of the ARENA for sustainability, N.V. performed Bank in close cooperation and with the financial support of the European sustainability Bank Triodos. The Triodos Bank itself is a Company, which has made along the way, no longer from the past, but from the future to derive its decision-making processes.

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