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Immonet Survey Work

March 30, 2014 in News Tags: ,

According to a survey by Immonet most respondents wish to be able to work at home. Hamburg as so often in life, are also in the Immonet users desire and reality far apart. According to a survey by Immonet most respondents wish to be able to work at home. The everyday work of the respondents however different looks: the majority not comes around to the daily commute in the company. Finally time to work at home the ill-tempered mate of opposite, the constant traffic jams and even brought bread and butter during the lunch break are reasons that a dream easily from a workstation within your own four walls. 64 percent of the respondents can therefore well imagine to work from home. The workplace in the sweet home has only advantages at least at first sight, here you can finally work alone and in their pajamas by the sit the laptop. During the lunch break, you don’t eat in the canteen always full, but you can sizzle up quickly on the stove.

Who actually plans to set up a separate work room his desk in the trust to move home, requires a study room with a corner in the living room it is not done. Finally need electronic devices such as telephone, computer or fax, which are essential for a good connection to the boss and colleagues, their place. In addition, a study room serves to work effectively. Who squats constantly in the kitchen or in the living room, is available for family members and is often in his work disrupted. Even at home so work and leisure should be separated as strictly. A separate telephone and fax connection for the Home Office is essential could upset customers, when suddenly, a member of the family picks up the phone. Desk and Chair should be ergonomically designed and can be adjusted in height. In addition, the Office must offer enough storage space for folders and documents.

Artificial and natural lighting should be aligned so that it does not appear and the screen does not reflects. To fulfil its tasks effectively, it use to work at fixed times and to provide the Office with an additional noise protection. Both the company and the family you should tell when one is responsive respectively to achieve and when not. For most of the survey participants dream of the Home Office is not fulfilled probably everyday. Only 38 percent of those polled actually work from home, 47 percent share the Office with colleagues. At least 22 percent of the participants are likely to be satisfied but white collar worker: they had indicated in the survey, prefer to work in the Office.

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