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Hanau Country: High School

August 22, 2019 in News Tags: ,

Creative reserves for humanists maintain as it is today others may judge. Today can be understood but only with the knowledge of what happened yesterday. And it’s about this yesterday: even in a school with claims such as that of high school in the Hanau country the musical subjects seemed more accessories. Music lessons were used almost always at the end of daily hours workload, so there, where they suspected the incipient fatigue of the students. Although the attention was likely, the languages and the mathematics and science subjects, these subjects were ultimately but their right. Others including Levi’s, offer their opinions as well. “There were probably professional partly augmented qualified teachers who ultimately ensured that without this accessory” anything went.

Teachers who made the experience of theatre and music and put signs in public again even at the same time with the performances initiated by them. It is also no one from that time known, already recognized, that musical education also conducive to the performance of other, profession and career-related subjects can be. Most are in hindsight probably confirm one: spaces of experience and perspectives, and thus the access to another, many still at least another world were opened. All in all: the so-called accessory served (more than others) somehow and somewhere the development of personality. “” “From today’s perspective can you say that without the accessories” so-called softer “subjects those so-called hard” subjects not to deal at all would have been. Think of those stress – and horror-vision in mind, of one day proposed six hours only one would have been exposed to chemistry and biology the curriculum of mathematics, physics, once. Maybe every other day with a juicy check garnished. Even at that time well known teaching staff would have been probably not grown the.

In other words: These subjects addressed are only possible, if in between even other brain regions be, i.e. a student maybe even its soul can dangle. Musical education may significantly improve maybe not the performance degree in languages and science, should contribute in many cases but the inner satisfaction and balance and thus be an important ally against the burn-out syndrome possible already in the school day by day. A number of staff – and site publications, so u.

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