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Guzzo School

October 23, 2012 in News Tags:

Reason? Lack of understanding of the concept autonomy in the institution, therefore considered that this takes the behaviors of aggressiveness, indiscipline, disrespect and violncias. That is, to allow that the children and the adolescents could ' ' dirigir' ' its form to learn and to create, only with the educators potencializando its expressions and vises of world, meant &#039 simply; ' not to want trabalhar' '. A orienting teacher of my TCC and period of training in the psychology college where I attended a course, a time said that my work in the social project could not be summarized to the practical clinic, therefore the context to me that involves children and adolescents exceed the borders of the room. The argument of my person who orientates can be judged as adjusted, to depend on the perspective for where if it focuses the work. However, to the being ' ' podada' ' in my skill of being and acting (one violence form), I was crystallized in mine andanas, and after accurate 6 years and 8 months as ' ' colaboradora' ' the institution, I gave up to continue. (Reverse speed) I think if the resistance of professors about promoting the autonomy in the space of the educational school/would be for the authority of the controllers of the school, or for the difficulty in dealing with ' ' verdade' ' of the other, or with its proper truths, or still, to allow that the other is he himself would constitute the entrance door to generate more violncias. If these thoughts/conceptions if reveal in the space of the school, think that my action must be contrary in order to promote the emancipation human being. Penteado and Guzzo (2010) affirm that she is necessary to think of form to make possible the emancipation of the human being, objectifying a more creative being and exempt, as well as conscientious of its action and participation in the social sphere.

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