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Foreign Languages

September 29, 2014 in News Tags: ,

How long have you learning a foreign language and have reached a certain level of it? Maybe you should think about the documentary evidence of your knowledge. You can do this by passing one of the international language examinations and received certificate. Which examinations exist and where you come in handy a certificate of their passing – the theme of this article. Let’s start with the most popular – the English language. Exams in English can be divided into 3 groups – Cambridge exams, the TOEFL exam and the exam IELTS. Cambridge exams, as the name implies, hosts University of Cambridge. As the university itself, these examinations are known all over the world.

Donate their proposed after the passage of a certain level of language. Certificates of basic knowledge – PET and KET – Lease children, adolescents or adults, past the first 2-3 stages of language learning (Levels Elementary – Intermediate). Certificates of FCE and CAE show, respectively, the levels of Upper-Intermediate and Advanced (Above average and advanced). CPE certificate confirms that you know English at the level of an educated native speaker. Where do you come in handy Cambridge certificate? Most often it is necessary for admission to a British university, as well as the device to work in Britain or Russia, as proof of language proficiency. You can take the exam in one of the reception centers for examinations, such as the British Council in Moscow, 3 – 4 times per year.

TOEFL exam is held 2 times month, the U.S. education company ETS. It is also widely known and distributed, but mainly need for admission to American educational institutions or to work in U.S. companies. There are several options this exam: PBT (Paper-Based test) – when the test is performed on paper, CBT (Computer-based test) – an electronic version of the test and IBT (Internet-based test) – this kind of test is performed online and the results are sent to ETS is also online. In recent years, the most widely it is the latter type of TOEFL. The test checks for 4 types of skills in English – speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing. After the exam you will receive a certificate which indicates the number of points earned by you on the 120 – point scale. Usually 80 -90 points – already fairly good indicator of proficiency. Certificate IELTS – TOEFL is similar to the format and the proposed tasks, but is more common in Britain and its former colonies – Canada and New Zealand, and also in Australia. Exam and a few times a year and delivered to the accredited centers. Similarly, the English exams are exams in French. The most common – DELF and DALF. These exams can be taken, For example, in the French cultural center in Moscow. They are also used for admission to colleges of France and as evidence of proficiency, if you have it requires the employer. If your boss is a German or you want to learn in Berlin, you will need to pass the DAF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache), which is a centralized examinations in German and rent worldwide.

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