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Fichamento And Analysis Of The Workmanship Ecology And Socialism , Of Michael Lwy

February 18, 2014 in News Tags:

Fichamento and analysis of the Workmanship ' ' Ecologia and Socialismo' ' , of Michael Lwy. Vnia Roseane Mayan Pascoal 1 On the author: ' ' Michael Lwy was born in So Paulo in 1938. Son of Jewish immigrants took leave in Social Sciences in the USP in 1960. It was one of the founders of the Organization Laboring Politics (Palop) in 1960. Doutorou in the Sorbonne with Lucien Goldmann in 1964, a thesis on the young Marx. It lives in Paris has 30 years. He is managing of Research in it centers woollen National Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

Is author of books and articles translated 22 languages. He enters its published books in Brazil, are distinguished: Dialtico method and theory politics (Peace and Land); Redemption and utopia (Company of the Letters); the marxism in Latin America an anthology of 1909 to the current days org. (Foundation Perseu Abramo); for the Cortez Publishing company: Marxism and theory of the release, the s adventures of Karl Marx against the baron of Mnchausen, the evolution politics of Lukcs: 1909-1929, Ideology and Social.&#039 Science; ' Lwy introduction initiates the book bringing the experience of Chico Mendes in the Amaznia, in its socialist fight ambientalista/. Its militancy politics and performance for the use of the land for the peoples who in it inhabit (extrativista reserve), demonstrated to the commitment and pioneirismo of this, in the fight, beyond demonstrating to the possibility and necessity of if joining ideals of ' ' esquerda' ' (that is, the fight for a society more joust and igualitria), to the ambient questions. Subjects many times, as the author of the book, ' ' esquecidos' ' for some. Chico Mendes was died in December of 1988, for gunmen to the control of the agricultural oligarchy, but its history continues to inspire the thousand fight, as it affirms Lwy in this brief introduction.

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