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Educational Orientation

January 24, 2016 in News Tags:

The author still considers to the educators a challenge, in the direction of that let us can assume in the school, an attitude to interdisciplinar. FINAL CONSIDERAES As synthesis of our studies we recognize the contributions of the Educational Orientation in the mediation of the process teach-learning, emphasizing the challenges and possibilities of performance of the OE in a reality each more complex time. The pertaining to school reality presents a series of problems that affect the work of the professor and the specialists of the education. The necessary person who orientates to dare and to elaborate a plan of annual action, breaking of all the pertaining to school characterization, aiming at to take care of the necessities of the school. In this direction, he must always search the formation continued so that he is brought up to date and it has conditions to intervine collectively next to educating, individual or. .

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