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Educational Market

May 2, 2014 in News Tags:

Success: Qualification is the a skill the other Berlin, 11.01.2011, KPuM offers seminars, in which they themselves do not qualify. Vocational training in Germany is subject to a variety of some enormous challenges. This is known to all involved stakeholders. The more or less clearly looming skills shortage but is also based on deficits in competence development”. Occupational and vocational training is an important part of the lifelong learning of adults. Again this has been emphasized in recent months and employees and job seekers must be in education or training.

“How can a training/seminar be made, so that the participants are even after the training in the location, to implement the Erlente knowledge?” It goes after the proprietor, Andrea day, the answer is relatively simple: not only the content of a training/seminar is crucial, but rather the targeted methodological approach and a sustainable care of participants in terms of a transfer accompaniment is a not too underestimated factor. Particularly in longer lasting training or Apprenticeships trainers and hence the methodology vary depending on the module, but also lack of communication prevented for the training period for a systemic viewing and how. KPuM consists of a small circle of experts, who have a similar approach, have for many years acquired expertise specifically in the skills development and (also in modular-based seminars), a transparent communication can take place. The high practical relevance of the seminars and workshops based on the current output stands of participants, a clear definition of objectives and a result-oriented way of working. So the acquired knowledge for the participants is quickly available. Only a competent coach in the right place and a transfer security tailored to the participants can significantly increase the success of a team or a company.

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