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Credit For Higher Education

November 22, 2015 in News Tags:

I hasten to disappoint zealots "glorious past" – "free" education as such has never been and since the beginning of "public" all the lies and manipulation, carefully hidden before the official propaganda, climbed out as needles of a hedgehog – not even count! In all countries of the world – higher education is expensive, and in all countries it is worth it, because people with higher education in the civilized world, thus providing themselves and their family a decent life until retirement. So even after retirement is going on a tour of the exotic countries of the world "Young Professionals" – boys and girls, 5 years after studying in the "free" university on scholarships from 45 to 60 rubles to receive then wages comparable to "salary" handyman at the plant – that's "great achievement" ignominiously collapsed social system. Thus, higher education should be paid, and good higher education – expensive! Ocean – in a country called the U.S. process for higher education delivered in a wide sales pace. Describe the process of admission to an American university can quite competently: the daughter of my good friend – Editor, Department of Science Peter's Obraztsova independently came to the U.S. university. Here's how it happened: The first step is to pass uniform federal test in core subjects. It's like our "unified state examination, but with one remarkable exception: the test results actually recognized by all universities across the United States. And none of the rector, not a single msu (this Michigan State University for the Humanities, what do you think?) Can not "muzzle with a curve, said:" here come in large numbers from his Arkansas – Rector will fly to work faster than sound, and windows of his office for months to be hit by stones: African-Americans and all sorts of different representatives of the indigenous population of America. Because "society of equal opportunities" – is not an empty campaign "for-campaigning is a system to ensure those most" equal opportunities "that were rebuilt with quality laws and actually works! So, having passed a single test and getting a result (scores on the major categories of the test), the daughter of my friend began to send letters to: and in foster American institutions of higher commissions (that's supposedly what I am, here's my assessment, I want to learn from you) and the offices of the various funds and fondikov (here I am, here's my estimate, maybe give me for training there, then and there something).

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