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Christian Haase

August 2, 2018 in News Tags: ,

Hands away from advance products of the TelDFax energy provider is bankrupt risks were already since recognizable years since its launch three years ago in advance products and in particular TelDFax products not at Leipzig. The insolvency of TelDFax was only a matter of time for experts. The bad news surrounding the Troisdorf company not tore down: dissatisfied customers, where her credits was not refunded, price increases despite warranty and last the in part deliberate non-payment of network charges, to withdraw from unprofitable areas of delivery. That ultimately meant that many TelDFax customers forcibly landed in substitute care. Unanimously consumer centres and energy market experts warned therefore again this energy suppliers. Gerald Weissmann, MD is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Emphasizes the kilo Wah trading AG, Christian Haase, Board: for years, we draw attention to the risks of prepaid products. The TelDFax failure confirms our warnings.” Therefore has explicitly no prepayment or products since its launch three years ago Deposits or other payments recorded. As experts of the energy market was always clear that some providers are not economically working. For some providers, we suspect that it is to a ‘ Ponzi scheme ‘ is, which is kept alive with the advance payments made by customers. This works only as long as enough new customers can be obtained. Before that wanted to and we want to protect our customers”, says Christian Haase next.

The insolvency of TelDFax can be uncomfortable for customers: many consumers had completed a contract with payment in advance; they must fear that she will not see again their money because they have classified the queue of creditors. How then the demands can be met, is currently unclear. The affected customers should now take the opportunity to look for a new, serious energy provider. Still, a change of the energy provider is useful and offers savings. However, contracts, should a provider change on service orientation, Periods of notice and payment of the new supplier will be respected. A comparison of the rates under brings information and clarity about the potential savings. Here the electricity or gas switching is fast, easy and risk-free; Deals with payment in advance or package prices are not included explicitly on this portal.

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