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Chemical Engineering

October 17, 2014 in News Tags: ,

He was at our institution a teacher at the Department of Physics – Associate Ryazanov. Build a large, bearded face, his voice stern, knowledge requirements of students – a fundamentally. Drove all the exams as Sidorovs goats – mercilessly lashing additional questions, so much so that the first time almost half of his students have successfully passed the test. A few days after the failed doom were relet, not knowing what they can expect a very pleasant surprises – Ryazanov, or tired of the nonsense answers, or overcoming academic conventionalism of being able to vary the process of re-take a very non-traditional activities. One day, after a five-hour exam, seeing that even eight people stared hopelessly laid in front of them slips of paper, which long ago should be nacherkany answers Ryazanov, drew on the blackboard a target, and said every sector assessment. "What – he says – careless, happy not try? And then, I feel nothing good I will not hear today. " Do nothing – began careless throw chalk at the target – who is in a sector hit, and that the corresponding estimate. A who missed it, that is still "satisfactory" set.

"I saw – he says – try." Do not believe me? It was so, it was! Ask around TIHMa graduates (Tambov Institute of Chemical Engineering), who studied at the 80th, is not recollect! And do not say that Ryazanov common tyrant, he did not have any bosses "oddity." Only the exams … but sometimes it's nothing prostimo … And nobody, not even after many years not remember his associate abusive In short, many thanks to talk about their teacher. Who? But at least one friend of mine, the one that made a comic with his friend scuffle at the door of the audience where Ryazanov took the exams. Shoved each other, students, pushing, swearing to each other in a whisper, and then my friend fell out of his pocket record book.

He in the heat of battle and have not noticed, quite by accident, kicked her. "Sh-sh-IRK" – and the student's record-book slipped through the crack under the door of the cabinet and thus treacherous manner docked right at the feet of Ryazanov. Associate professor, does not betray his surprise, slowly bent over, picked up the book, flipped through. He put it on the table, something struck her in, and then in the statement. Shut student's record-book, and swung mightily, in the same way booklet sent home. Student nor alive nor dead standing – he has told fellow students, in what plight he came out of his own sloppiness. And then at his feet from under the door "sh-sh-IRK" – his own student's record-book. He picked up a book, opened one too … it looks over his shoulder … And there, in the right place "choir." And the corresponding signature. "Oh, – said the student – a shame, because preparing for, and here …" – And desperately waved his hand. But it is clear that the student is lying, no he does not feel grief – a mug and glows with happiness. But my classmate Vova Kochenkov … No, I tell you next time here

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