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Best Business Practices

November 19, 2015 in News Tags:

A headhunter was on the other end of the phone. a l was looking for an assistant to a CEO / owner of a small business, but very successful. In essence, he wanted someone in your disposal night and day. That did not seem like a huge deal. And then came the next question … "Do you mind if someone screams at you?" As soon as I turn the sirens sounded in my head, and visions of Dilbert comic strips, I replied, "Yes, that's not acceptable." The headhunter continued, "Well, probably not call you names, but he's a hard driving and he raises his voice a lot." Yes, this is a true story, and it was my first conversation today.

It was enough to impress and entertain all day. Somehow I thought the days of screaming bosses were buried with the days of management by intimidation. I guess I was wrong! I can not help but wonder if this guy has heard of all the work being making about emotional intelligence, or retention of employees. Maybe he does not read. Message to Chief Screaming … It is likely that their employees have one foot in the door. It is likely that even spend part of their working day reviewing emails and job postings at places like You are losing large amounts of information.

Why? Because nobody wants to be "the one" to tell you. What you know can not hurt. Each time one falls into a screaming frenzy your employees spend their time telling each other, talking about you, and perhaps looking for ways to press the buttons. After all, you have become entertainment. If your employees have been conditioned to tolerate and even contempt for shouting, which has probably learned not to take it personally. After all, your settings are whistling about you, your enormous ego, his insecurity and lack of desire to create win-win, mutually beneficial relationships. If your business is successful, despite the way they treat their employees, just think how much more successful if your employees could be loved to come to work every day. And finally, "What's your cry for you?" I'm talking in terms of dollars and cents. Think in terms of unproductive employees, how employees treat each other and customers, turnover, health benefits, and maybe even some employee sabotage. The bottom line is this … Even the military is undergoing a major initiative to be more emotionally intelligent. The sergeants of tomorrow will be very different from sergeants of yesterday. What could be different for you and your business if you stopped screaming and started treating people with respect and dignity? It is simply a choice you know.

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