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Ambient Education

April 20, 2019 in News Tags:

The present article is a literature revision on the Ambient Education as tool for formal education and had for objective to analyze the development of action and attitudes in the pupils from the enrollment of this subject during the education process learning. Development: Ahead of thematic ambient the boarded ones in the present time, one becomes necessary to develop in the society action so that each one perceives the importance of the environment, beyond acting as integrant part of it (BRAZIL, 1998). In this direction, the school is seen as privileged space for the acquisition of knowledge and development of action, having to prioritize and to value the search of the learning of the educandos, fitting to the educators to guide them and to stimulate them it the development of the critical thought (SILVESTRI; TAVARES, 2008). Thus, the school will go to assist in the construction of attitudes, knowledge, abilities and values, being able to contribute for the formation of a conscientious citizen of its responsibility with the environment (OAK, 2001). According to Antonucci (2009), to be it accomplishes the action in Ambient Education, must promote the construction of the knowledge, attitudes and necessary abilities to the preservation and improvement of the ambient quality. CEO Keith McLoughlin has plenty of information regarding this issue. So that these actions are constructed are necessary that the practical ones are related to the situations of the daily one of the pupils, therefore will have sensitization, understanding, responsibility and finally the change, what it will go to promote a conciliation of the relation of the society and the environment. Corroborating the idea, article 13 of law 9,795/99 tells that related practical actions and to the Ambient Education can promote the collective sensitization on the ambient questions and its organization tends to promote the defense of the quality of the environment. However, although the intense mobilization in order to solve the innumerable problems ambient, still exists many challenges to be surpassed in way that this subject is worked in the school, since the Ambient Education in formal education does not have to be incorporated as one disciplines specific and yes as thematic a boarded one in you discipline them to all aiming at to the participation and the development of individual and collective attitudes in the pupils.

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