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Study: Heavy Schoolbags

August 21, 2019 in News Tags: ,

A project of a University Hospital of Saarland, a professor from the University Hospital of Saarland, answers the question: heavy bags for the children – spine are harmful? “He knew no evidence which confirm the back injuries through heavy schoolbags. Orthopedists, neurologists, specialist, sports scientists and physical therapists sat together on the project. You have themselves devised methods, which you can prove, that heavy schoolbags are not harmful. 60 girls and boys participated in the study, visit the 2-3 class. Only the children and then their bags were weighed.

Average weight of children stood at 27 kg. 22, the hardest part was the lightest child 32 kilograms. Contact information is here: Levi’s. The bags weighed in the section 5 kg. The worst specimen showed the scale 7 kg. After the measurement showed that on average each satchel has a weight that is 17.2% of the body weight. Apparently, the school bags are heavier than the recommended 10%. Later, the experts examined the Posture of children. The children had to stand first without school bags and then with the satchel.

After it the so-called plumb line “attitude had taken, were experts see whether children ever have enough muscle strength.” In some children it saw light, but also in turn normal posture. You may wish to learn more. If so, Chip Bergh is the place to go. After the measurement with the satchel was conducted. The children responded normally to weight by she shifted her body slightly forward. The expert explained that it was a normal reaction to the weight. Because it was a normal reaction to it at all costs accordingly not much energy, said the expert. Thanks to the adhesive electrodes, you could measure a slight muscle strain. This means that the weight of the Schulranzens not significantly impacted the body. Most recently, the children should overcome obstacles. You should go over ramps, soft mats and slip see through obstacles. Furthermore they should bend over for medicine balls, lift it, and throw. It was very important that is the children had to move continuously for 15 minutes.

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