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January 4, 2012 in News Tags: ,

Note: Windows NT that is not loaded until the choice is made, remove this option because: timeout =- 1. Download Windows NT in Safe mode, Windows NT can be very moody when you add new software or install a new driver. You can, however, create a Windows NT analog Safe Mode Windows 9x. In this mode, perform additional checks and loaded all the drivers do not. Under operating systems BOOT.INI file lists all the operating systems that can run the boot NT. Create new record for the Safe mode, copy one of the existing records and inserting it into a new line. At the end of the new record, add '/ sos' (without the quotes), change the description of the records so that it is clear that this is Safe Mode. In end of the line and add '/ basevideo' in order to run Windows with the default driver standard VGA.

The new record should look something like this: multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) WINNT = 'Windows NT Workstation Version 4.00 Safe Mode' / sos / basevideo Multikonfiguratsiya Windows NT Windows NT supports both multikonfiguratsiyu called, ie ability to create different profiles run the system. A simple example: for a hassle-free recording on the drive CD-R, especially with interface IDE, require a large amount of RAM, which is cached disk image file of the future CD. To do this, you can create a configuration that will not load some drivers (sound cards, network devices, etc.) and supporting system services. Startup configuration held in the registry keys that control is a set of options (control sets). Each section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSetNNN (NNN – it's 001, 002, …) includes initialization data for all devices and services installed on the machine. Know the current configuration in the section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMSelect, option 'Current' has her number. There is also the parameter 'LastKnownGood', pointing to a set number of control options, with which was made last trouble-free run of the system. Continuation of the article read here:

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