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The Work Market

February 3, 2016 in News Tags:

For Yara Rocca it is not of today that I have received innumerable resumes from people who are the search of ‘ ‘ a place to sol’ ‘ in the work market. They meet at some moments of life and career. She has the students wanting to have its first chance. She has those that, grumblers with what they had found so far, are in search of ‘ ‘ a thing melhor’ ‘. It has the ones that they desire to gain more money, therefore are unsatisfied with its financial results. Also I perceive the presence of that, in my opinion, they seem to have if become ‘ ‘ especialistas’ ‘ in insatisfao and, through several ‘ ‘ nos’ ‘ that they receive from the companies, still more strengthen its frustration with the lack of perspectives. is exactly on this last profile of professional that decided to write this article.

In the majority of the resumes that I received, it was visible the value that they gave for its academic headings, ceritficate of unit fund in courses, the name of the companies for which they already had worked, the importance that they had to be working in a pretty office, located and with all the benefits well that they judged themselves deserving to have. However, what the attention calls me more is the following one: Why these professionals if present and if they hold thus and they do not obtain to be absorbed by the work market? One of the answers meets in the interview. They do not obtain to pass in the interview. She knows why? In my humble opinion, them they are in search of that ‘ ‘ salve’ ‘.

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