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Technical Training And Education

November 27, 2015 in News Tags:

So why not become a student of a technical college? Moreover, Germany's universities are renowned for the level of training specialists in this field. In the long term – to receive permanent residency? It is worth paying attention to the Czech universities. Chances of remaining in the country after graduation rather high. In Germany, students – foreigners granted year after graduation to find work in the country – also a good chance. David G. DeWalt has many thoughts on the issue. But the "foothold" After studying in Switzerland or Austria is quite problematic. do you want to find work abroad? I do not argue – if he have nothing to feed their families, wages are not paid For several months, and the company on the verge of closing, the person is ready to go to the ends of the light and run by anyone – as long as the money paid. Thus is born "cri de coeur" – "Have any work in any country!". Standard dialogue: – I want to work abroad! – And in what country would you like to find a job? – In the usa! (Thoughtful silence) Well, or in Germany! During the dialogue it becomes clear that people do not speak any foreign language, but wants to get big salary.

And anyway, he "does not matter" who work. It is sad, ladies and gentlemen Unfortunately, this now "ready for anything, citizens are often victims of con men, engaged in illegal employment abroad. In order not to get in trouble, you must first collect the most information about the countries: where the easiest job in which countries the shortage of workers to your profile, ask labor laws country. .

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