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Systematic Education

September 30, 2013 in News Tags:

With the ambient contents permeando you discipline them to all of the resume and contextualizados with the reality of the community, the school will help the pupil to perceive the correlation of the facts and to have an integral vision of the world where it lives. For this the Ambient Education must be boarded of systematic form and transversal, in all the education levels, assuring the presence of the ambient dimension of form to interdisciplinar in the resumes of the diverse ones you discipline and the pertaining to school activities. Thus being, the school is the social space and the place where the pupil will be sensetized for the ambient actions and is of the pertaining to school scope it will be capable to give sequence to its process of socialization. Ambiently correct behaviors must be apprehended in the practical one, in the daily one of the pertaining to school life, contributing for the formation of responsible citizens.

The theoretical and practical methodology of the projects will occur for intermediary of the study of generating subjects that englobam critical lessons, lectures, workshops and exits the field. This process offers to possibilities professors to act them in way to englobar all the pertaining to school community and it quarter in the collection of data to rescue the history of the area for, at last, knowing its half to raise ambient problems e, from the collection of data, to the elaboration of small projects of intervention. Considering the Ambient Education a continuous and cyclical process, it must be developed projects and courses of qualification of professors so that these are capable to conjugate some basic principles of the Ambient Education. In this context the ambient education points with respect to centered pedagogical proposals in the awareness, change of behavior, development of abilities, capacity of evaluation and participation of professors learning. The IMPLEMENTATION OF the AMBIENT EDUCATION IN the PERTAINING TO SCHOOL SCOPE If exists innumerable problems that say respect to the environment, this if it must in part to the fact of the people not be sensetized for the understanding of the fragile balance of the biosfera and the problems of the management of.

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