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Spanish University

September 8, 2013 in News

I imagine that you come to this class with the idea of learning to write literary criticism and practice these skills throughout the semester, says every year a college professor in his first session of the literary criticism subject: methodology that taught in the Faculty of information sciences at a prestigious Spanish University. New students are regarded with care, hoping to confirm their desire to deploy their creativity and learn to write. Because no, that is just what you are not going to do, topped the Professor before explaining the program of the course, plagued with theories that we hardly remember today, when we already practice the profession. When you’re a child who attends primary school and everything seems to pass slowly, you fear that the next course is so hard that you can not take it forward, but the years elapse and fears never come to fruition because subjects do not change from one year to another. But one day you look in the mirror and, although there are still features children, you excited to distinguish the adult who will possibly face the University. That moment had already aroused in us great expectations because we knew that we deslizabamos us to the threshold of a world full of discoveries.

Accustomed to a sandbox for the home, family, high school and perhaps the companions of the football team, had hoped to immerse ourselves in a space without walls with infinite possibilities in which people learn that never miss. Although the University has limits, as everything else in life, the word limit does not have to have a negative connotation. Many did not expect a teaching cinched uniquely to curricula, notes and textbooks. However, this system facilitates things students who go to College to get top grades believing that that will allow them to have a better job. And it helps teachers that, on many occasions, have secured employment. A professor that you read from the textbook to He published or that puts notes at your disposal in reprography shows a lack of confidence in youth that, at those heights can not only read on its own, but is already capable of reasoning, to investigate and to search for new sources with a teacher who wakes up a certain hunger for knowledge to share.

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