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Scandinavian Languages Part

September 22, 2013 in News Tags: ,

We extend acquaintance with Scandinavian languages. Norwegian is the official language of Norway. The number and variety of Norwegian dialects are divided into three large groups: the northern, eastern and western. Dialects northern group circulated in the territory to the north of Trondheim, saying the eastern group are applied in the region between Trondheim and Oslo, while the western group are used in the west of Norway, south of Mollet. There are characteristic differences between eastern and western dialects, which can be observed since ancient times. This fact can be traced in the monuments of ancient writing. In the 14 th century to the written version of the Norwegian language has influenced the Swedish language.

This happened after the conclusion of a 1319 Swedish-Norwegian union. And after the signing of the Kalmar Union in 1397, increasing the influence of the Danish language, and in the 15 century, it is dominant in Norwegian literature. After the unification of Norway and Denmark in the 16 th century, Denmark, Norway subordinates. As a result, the official language of the country to become subordinate to the Danish language. In Norway, the Danish language is gradually become the language spoken by the bourgeois society of the country, officials and senior clergy. Over time, the language included in the use of the lower strata of the bourgeoisie and the urban proletariat. The result of the introduction of the Danish language Norway is its crossing of the existing Norwegian dialects. Danish borrowing appear in Norwegian dialects, but along with it and the Danish language in the country is experiencing the influence of the Norwegian language.

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