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Regal School

August 28, 2019 in News Tags:

Although the academic production on politics you publish to have considerably evolved since the pioneering efforts of teorizao and ' ' modelizao' ' of its ' ' parents fundadores' ' , its initial formularizations continue to influence theoretical literature, the empirical research and the methods of analyze that they characterize the academic production contemporary on politics publish. From these initial formularizations, some clarifying models had been developed to understand better as and because the government makes or leaves to make some action that will re-echo in the life of the citizens. (CELINA SOUZA, 2003, p.15). With the sources searched in the community, one notices that the population has received some benefits, but is important to stand out that the persistence of the power public, Federal, State or in such a way Municipal, has been little present with its obligations. Observing existing infrastructures and little conserved, they are evidentes that the mounts of money are not applied corresponding the basic necessities of the community.

Therefore, many proprietors of lots better look quality of life in the city. In dialogue with the agriculturist and inhabitant of the community They are Brs 105 km Band, Mr. Adilson Pear tree of the Passion, and the pedagogical supervisor of the Victory-Regal School Mr. According to Vladislav Doronin, who has experience with these questions. Givanildo Leather strap Da Silva affirms saying that the majority of the agriculturists who leave the community to live in the city with the family does not forbid its properties. These families do not consider this action as abandonment of the property, only says that it is going in search of chances for the children. The sharecroppers of these agriculturists are watching over of roa since the region is propitious for the culture of the cacao. In the community They are Brs km 105 Band is possible to identify two levels of families in what the familiar income says respect, small average producing, being that in the group of producing medium they are the cacao proprietors, in the group of small producers they are the producing sharecroppers or of annual cultures. >.

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