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Port Orange

August 31, 2018 in News Tags:

Except that on her leg appeared seven non-healing wounds. She weighed just 89 pounds (40 kg). Dr. Hall put it in a special shelter in Port Orange, so she could die there. He said that it remains five, in the best case for ten days. This was the Friday before Easter.

I took a vacation. as knew that next week I'll go to the funeral. (A valuable related resource: David G. DeWalt). On Friday, before I quit my job, my friend named Ricky told me about Noni juice, which he said could help my sister. I told him that now nothing can help her, that everything has gone too far. But he still urged me to buy her a bottle of juice. On Saturday, I brought juice to the shelter and told the nurses that they started giving it to her for 6 – 8 ounces (180 – 240 ml) per day.

They consulted a doctor. Dr. Hall said that she could take the juice, but that does not help her. Nurses thought the same thing, but they said that they would give it to her. Three days later I went to visit her, she began respond to the noni juice. She became more consistent and tried to pronounce words, although they still could not understand. Her father, a doctor, thought it was only her last breath before the end. I returned on Saturday and saw improvement. She said "yes" or "no" and was much more consistent. She added six pounds (3 kg), and the wounds on her leg seemed to be healed. It seemed too good to be true. It was a week of improvements, but none did not believe that it could be juice. At this time it was only on sleeping pills, painkillers and noni juice. I began to wonder whether it was Noni. Since I began to see her every week. By the second week of the noni her wounds healed completely. She ate like an elephant, would add about five pounds a week and talked more and more, by the third week even suggestions. By the fourth week of taking noni, she began to move the paralyzed leg, and a few days later, she began to move his hand. Every week she felt better. Doctors and nurses could not believe it. Even they, though not directly, also came to the conclusion that it was the noni juice. She began to walk. June 30 it was released from the orphanage, and she went home. She now weighs 132 lbs (60 kg), her normal weight. Today is July 10, 1999, and according to the latest obsledvaniyam, her viral load and the number of T-cells is completely normal. Tomography showed a decrease in spot on her brain from 70% to 3%. The density of the remaining spot is very thin. Doctors say that the spot will resolve itself. My sister will not die. Although she will go a long way to physical therapy, speech therapy, learning anew the many things that she forgot how to do, with time everything will be fine. "This information is provided only for self-education. It should not be taken as medical advice or alternative medical treatments. For any serious ailments and diseases, it is necessary to contact a competent specialist doctors.

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