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Normative Grammar Learning

October 10, 2019 in News Tags:

The education of the Portuguese Language, under the normative optics, always was seen of a form imbuda of preconceptions, independently of locus. Well-known, the use of the norms of the language (cultured) argued in the half academic follows the models preset for the considered society scholar, that is, it would be in this small parcel of the community that the style would present a real standard. Ahead of this, the grammatical norms evidently aim at an aiding of such sanctioned social classrooms, that most of the time are concentrated only in the layers of purchasing power high. For in such a way, supporting itself in the premise of that the falantes of other lingusticas communities do not possess the necessary abilities to the learning of the normative grammar, do not have the lingusticos knowledge, disrespect the norms (of regency, agreement, cohesion, coherence), are unaware of the morphologic, phonetic principles and fonolgicos of the vocbulos and never they would apply the accurate syntactic rules. In the other it saw, the supported educational models in teachings of gerativistas, descriptive, funcionalistas and estruturalistas the grammars on to the use of the normative one, analyzing it, complementing it e, if necessary, correcting it, would bring without a doubt great advances. with this, although the obligatoriness of its study, the learning would have a more satisfactory development, would understand and internalizariam all the rules/norms, beyond if becoming apt to use its knowledge daily. Finally, what it is defended here is the education of the internal disposal of the statements (form and meaning) in accordance with a flexible optics, based in the linguisticas theories.

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