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My House – My Health

November 30, 2015 in News Tags:

House – this is the place where we spend most of his life, relax, raise a family. So that the internal environment of the home is crucial to our health. Another ancient architects believed that the inhabitants feel at home depends on whether, from which the building was constructed and what materials were used for its decoration. And today, when the microclimate and security of urban apartments and suburban homes is paid close attention, these observations have been scientifically confirmed. Currently operates a long list of rules and requirements for environmental friendliness of all applicable building and finishing materials.

However, among the inhabitants, there are many misconceptions and Myths about the safety of those or other materials. Let's see which of them can affect health and how to choose the safest and most environmentally friendly products. Borrowed from the natural rise in popularity low-rise construction has puzzled many people in our country the question: what is material is to build a house? At all times the most "healthy" materials are considered a tree. In fact, thanks to its porous structure of the wood supports in place the optimal level of humidity. But do not forget that this is – combustible material, besides his "love" insects, blue stain, etc. So in modern construction lumber with a range of protective coatings and impregnations, hindering its fire and decay. Another disadvantage of wood as a building material – with time and moisture changes it crack, crack and deformed. Therefore, instead of the traditional timber and profiled bar are now increasingly using so-called laminated veneer lumber, which practically does not react to fluctuations in ambient humidity.

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