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Modern House

December 2, 2015 in News Tags:

In Russia cut wooden houses and saunas, driving log to a log, putting them into the wall, alternating thin and thick ends of the logs, thus eliminating, the curvature caused by escaping natural tree trunk. It took a lot of time, and over the years found a solution, to produce a beam with the same diameter throughout its length. The first in this area of the construction market were Finns. In Finland, wood is used in 41% of all buildings under construction, and now there has been steady growth in this trend. Finns today want to live in low-rise wooden houses, but these homes must be located within the city with good infrastructure and quality of life. And the whole thing – in unique structure of wood, within which, at the cellular level, there is constant air and, unlike other building materials wood breathes.

Heat from the room rushes outside and passes through log. In the process of cooling to the outer layers of the timber, steam and carbon dioxide are directed perpendicular to the annual rings. As a result, moisture and harmful substances come from the ends of logs, and the wall does not accumulate moisture. Wall wooden houses have insulation properties that are five times higher than those of brick or concrete walls. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gerald Weissmann, MD by clicking through. The walls of wooden houses 'accumulate' heat and evenly distributes it throughout the room. Therefore, in the house will be warm in the most severe frost. Resin and volatile softwood forest is saturated with home fragrance and disinfect the air.

Other construction materials may cause an allergic reaction, especially in children. A warm 'Sunny color "natural wood has beneficial effects on psychological state and calms the nervous system. Before the production of logs, the logs are sorted by diameter required in order to shoot the machine otsilindrovochnom looser top – sapwood is more solid – resin-impregnated core. These properties only pine, spruce, on the contrary has a hard top and a loose core, thus fir will be the worst option for the production of logs. After giving a log to a certain profile cut 'cup', then log twice antiseptic special structures, water-based for In order to keep a log of the influence of weather conditions during transport and assembly building. Antiseptic prevents logs from fungal disease that is usually called 'blue' and does not clog the capillaries of wood, that allows a log to dry naturally, being already in the building. The manufacture of logs for the project goes from 1 to 4 weeks to dry already assembled on the foundation of the building will take between 6 to 9 months – depends on time of year. After that, the log was last covered by an antiseptic on the outside, and installing windows and doors.

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