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Family Conflict

December 15, 2018 in News Tags: , ,

They say that pretty quarrel, but gratifying. Unfortunately, not always so simple and cute in this folk wisdom. Often, people suffer and suffer from litter and differences with the most expensive and loved ones. And if you are familiar, hurry to bring you good news – this can be overcome. Advise us on solving complex and conflict situations, we asked professionalnogom psychologist, founder of the educational center Sinton, Nikolai Ivanovich Kozlov. Conflict Promise or Problematic Behavior (CP) – this is when one touches the other, makes him uncomfortable (and could not hurt, do not ). Someone snorts of the spouses, swearing, accusing, roughly requires or simply rude All it – kp.

* And this is what, in my opinion, in the family – nedopustimo. A bit of reality. Usually, if one (not to mention beloved or even close, say simply – one), another reserve (the act) or hit (in word or tone), I want to answer him in the same or something different, but most importantly – pobolnee. Besides, you do not want to have anything to do with it, I want to leave him and with him not to talk. A minute ago he was good, and hurt you (even accidentally) – and it already seems bad (set colorful epithets Diversity). You yourself want to behave contentious reply to kp kp. Do not do it! * Puzzles: one gave kp, another cp responded. Guilty of both, but who more? Response to our family: "More than blame is not the one who started first, and who first went on.

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