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December 9, 2018 in News Tags:

So I decided to look for other ways to withdraw money. But a search on the Internet, conversations with some famous people Runet not brought me the desired answer to the question: How to withdraw money from Rupe at the rate of 5.05 hryvnia to the dollar? Quite by accident, wandering through your account Rupe, I came across a shop where they sell recharge cards account of my mobile operator (Djuice). I have just run out of money in the account of mobile phone. I quickly make a purchase recharge cards at 50 hryvnia, paying $ 10. In my soul it became warmer, as it is already 5.00 hryvnia for one dollar. At this point, I was struck by a very promising idea. I'll get the money for a mobile phone, and then send them to everyone? Of course, if they pay me:) The fact that mobile operators in Ukraine, Kyivstar, and in particular (which includes Djuice), there is such a service as transfer money from one account to another. The service is free of charge and is 10 cents (2 cents).

There are people who are engaged in the completion of cell phone bills of others. According to the unwritten rule service costs 25 cents (5 cents). I also sometimes had to deal with such people. There are times when money is urgently needed on a mobile phone account, and enough money to buy recharge cards Account no. That's asking to update your account for 5 hryvnia, so to say "throw Pyaterochka".

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