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Brazil Society

December 16, 2012 in News Tags:

Beyond having that to face its family the adolescent also needs to face the preconception of the society that many times acts in cruel way and makes with that the family renegue. Nor all the people understand the sexual choice, therefore most of the time they find that she is made a mistake and even though antichristian, some say that the relationship between people of the same sex is a nonsense. The society is the one that puts in charge edpico conflict to it and tends to impose its solution. According to Mott (1996), Brazil is the champion country of murders of homosexuals, and still, between all the minorities are hated. The intolerncia to the homossexualidade, the homofobia, has been presented of the forms most diverse, as: chacotas, symbolic and physical aggressions, omission of the law and etc.

configuring a violence picture that arrives to be a barbarity. So that the social conviviality is harmonious is necessary that all the integrant ones of this way learn to coexist the different opinions and choices of each individual. The support of the family is basic for adolescent in this phase, since the social conflicts never go to leave to exist, However fits to each human being, to respect this decision, therefore who knows thus we will live in a better world. The vindicative social attitude initiates when the adolescent starts to perceive the society encircles that them and through its attitude and with its force, tries to modify it. It is the moment that wants to demand a better world, more just. ' ' The society, exactly manejada in different ways and with different partner-economic criteria, imposes restrictions to the life of the adolescent. The adolescent with its force, with its activity, the reestruturadora force of its personality, tries to modify the society that, for another part, is living modifications constantly intensas' ' (Aberastury, 1989, P.

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