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Bourgeois Revolution

August 14, 2019 in News Tags: ,

For our country, the events of the 20th century can be compared in scale and scope only by "Time of troubles" at the turn of the 16 – 17th centuries. In the same period in the late 16th century in Europe began the bourgeois revolution. Considering the historical processes in the Russian part of world, and given the huge impact in 1917 for the whole world, we can determine duration of the stage of bourgeois society about 300 years. The feudal period in Russian history is connected with the establishment of the 9th century dynasty of Rurik. Worldwide, the boundary between slave and feudal device can be made public on 7 th century, linking it with the end of slavery. In this case, the feudal stage of world history, lasted about 900 years. It was preceded by the slave period, which is apparent in early second millennium BC (BC) in Babylonia and ancient Greece.

Thus, the length of slave stage was about 2700 years. Comparing the duration of each of the above stages of the history in 2700, 900, 300, 100 years, it is easy to see that every preceding three times the length of the next. Multiplying the length by three stages in 2700, and taking as the starting point in 2000 BC obtain the approximate date – 10100 years, which shall be crisis. Indeed, according to Plato about the same time its existence has been the legendary Atlantis. In addition, after the tenth millennium BC Human activities have started – livestock farming.

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