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Trade Association

May 21, 2014 in News Tags: ,

It must also responsible persons are named for the compliance with all regulations and comprehensive first aid facilities exist. Accident prevention regulations and Trade Association regulations for occupational safety and health may be derogated from only, when at least equivalent measures and comprehensively recorded. The accident prevention regulations must be made accessible to every employee of a company. This can be done for example in the form of a volunteer. The BGS also compose the BG rules (BGR), the pertinent information (BGI) and BG (BGG) principles.

They are all as additions to the BGM. The BG principles contain testing principles for investments and jobs, as well as screening. The BGR and BGI are the true technical regulations for workplaces to rear, need but be observed with the same legal force. The rules and regulations constitute a concretization of the State occupational safety and health regulations and are intended primarily as practice guidance and assistance the entrepreneur. The contractor adheres to the BGR, BGI, and Baker, he can be sure that even the legal obligations are met.

Flouted, the accident prevention regulations, as well as their placement obligation fines and denial of insurance benefits in accidents can be the result. “” Definition of vehicles ‘vehicles are according to BGV D29 mechanically driven, not bound in rail vehicles and their trailers”. Also working machines and equipment in the vehicle industry, which are self-propelled or can be used as a mobile trailer, comply with the accident prevention rules. Examples of vehicles according to BGV D29 are: garbage collecting trucks car carrier long material transporter passenger cars Trucks specialty trucks, such as fire-fighting vehicles, municipal vehicles, swap conversion vehicles special motor vehicles, buses and coaches such as ambulances, vehicles for disabled tractors single-track vehicles, such as motorcycles with trailers at the BGV D29 does not apply following vehicles: mechanically driven vehicles with due to the design determined maximum design speed of not more than 8 km/h and whose trailers excavators, loaders, levelling equipment, cutting equipment and special machines of the earth building (earth-moving machinery) road rollers, compactors Flurforder vehicles and their trailers the land aviation ground support equipment or forestry vehicles snowcats vehicles, who intended their type to be used for demonstrations in the fairground and the audience the self-driving available are made to test vehicles and their testing vehicles, before they are first placed on the market vehicles outside the Federal Republic of Germany intended use official or business used cars are wheelchairs generally regarding the accident prevention regulations BGV D29 thus all commercial or official used vehicles.

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