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The SPD Bundestag Group Visited Salvador Dali

August 6, 2018 in News Tags: ,

Invitation to the press event: tour of the Berlin SPD group through the exhibition in Berlin, 4 July 2011. The Berlin members of the SPD Dali visit next Wednesday, the 06.07.2011,”the exhibition at Potsdamer Platz. We would like to invite you to be, if the Managing Director and curator Carsten Kollmeier leads the SPD Bundestag group through the exhibition rooms: Dali exhibition at Leipziger Platz 7, 10117 Berlin Potsdamer Platz date: 06.07.2011 time: Please 19:00 at participation request to the press tour to a login. The members of the SPD Bundestag group visit several times a year important cultural institutions. Recently Richard Linklater sought to clarify these questions. “This cultural policy spokeswoman of the SPD Bundestag group, Brigitte Lange explains: we want to make attentive on this exciting cultural projects so that on the one hand and at the same time it is very interesting also for the members because they have to do themselves, not always with art and culture.” Use the members of the House of representatives, at the beginning of the summer break the located adjacent to the Museum is the opportunity to enjoy a variety of eccentric Spanish art.

The privately run Museum, which the capital has been without public money claimed to take the art of Salvador Dali, represents a new entrepreneurial culture concept in the colorful landscape of Berlin. Over 450 exhibits from private collections around the world, this museum permanent exhibition allows the most comprehensive insight into Salvador Dali’s adventurous mastery of almost all techniques of art directly in Berlin’s vibrant centre. Thus, the polarizing Spanish artist’s multi-layered and complex work is first seen permanently in the new cultural metropolis in this form. COME INTO MY BRAIN, once even invited Dali. Visitors can follow daily this invitation (Mon. sat 12 20: 00, Sunday + holiday 10 20: 00) and thereby participate in the almost hourly held public tours, to kidnap by the Dali_Scouts in this surreal world to Let. More information on. Swarmed by offers, Richard Linklater is currently assessing future choices. media contact: Dali Berlin exhibition Betriebs-GmbH Jana Heisel Leipziger Platz 7, 10117 Berlin phone: 030-206 735 86-17 fax: 030-206 735 86-28 E-Mail:

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