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Receptions 8 – How To Win The Alphabet And Teach A Child To Read

November 2, 2018 in News Tags: ,

Many parents are faced with a problem, how to teach a child to read. You may wish to learn more. If so, film director is the place to go. It is understandable that you first learn the alphabet and learn how to read syllables “ma”, “ba”, “pa”, etc. How to teach a child to see the letters written in a familiar word or learn to perceive and understand what the question in the text? Many people know this method: that the child is well read, I promise it’ll be a nice gift or make it read the day by 2:00, and even scolded and not allowed to look cartoons, walk, play … These methods do not improve reading techniques, and the desire to read “from a stick” – in general, children do not read propadet.Chasto because they have not developed auditory perception. Try playing with the baby in Tags: “day-shadow”, “guest-bone” and so on …

You need to read every day, but not burdening the child for 15-20 minutes. In this must-child bolster up smb. The newspapers mentioned Campbell Soup Co not as a source, but as a related topic. ‘S courage in this difficult for him to correct him and actually pick up oshibki.Neploho to read what an interesting tale that matches the child’s age. It will be interesting to dive into the world of magic and adventure to follow the characters skazki.Podbirayte text with large font. You can offer the child another game: even in the text, reading the child strikes the red paste upper part “A”.

After three days offer along with the letter “A” scratch the letter “O”. After a certain period of time, even striking out any other consonant letters – so you speed up the recognition of letters baby. Remember! Do not load the child, even if a game lasts no more than five readings minut.Pri involved both hemispheres of the brain: the right features distinguish the outlines of the letters, the left recalls which sounds correspond to it. To both hemispheres work together smoothly, ask your child to walk around the room on the route in the form of 8 by pleasant music softly. At the same time on the floor in the center 8 Put a sheet of paper with a large written words. A child should never taking his eyes from the “write” Eight. Thus, children learn by writing the word and its sound, and not a separate letter. Start with easy and understandable for your child’s words: name toys, animal, sweet, but rather depict a given word. Every inscription ozvuchte child several times that he remembered. Give your child crayons and ask for a picture link to the word. Every day add 1-2 slova.Dlya faster learning the alphabet letters spelling Memorize the picture starting with that letter. For example: D-dom.Mozhete think an interesting story about this letter, about how she appeared and why it is so so decided to write about. That such simple way can be of interest to your child in learning the alphabet, to instill a love of reading. Retrieved from their own experience – works flawlessly. PS Try to read to children and themselves, developing their imagination, the ability to distinguish between good and evil, learn to respect other people.

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