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Professional Documentation

March 17, 2014 in News Tags: ,

CHARITe is based FACTSCIENCE system medical directors at hospitals have a responsibility regularly to check the prescribed training duty by doctors and document. Due to the complexity of the facts of the case, the Charite has opted for the hiring of a professional system solution in partnership with the QLEO Science GmbH. For us at the Charite was quickly clear that the high number of over 1200 physicians and medical specialists requires a software solution, the entire process, the note -, control and documentation requirements can be controlled with the”stressed PD Dr. Joachim Seybold, Deputy Medical Director of the Charite. We have awarded the order development at the QLEO Science GmbH, we work together for many years in research administration.” Until end of 2010 the training points earned the first 5-year period had to be shown which led to considerable administration effort and in some cases complications. Exception rules, break times, the handling of the training certificates and also note obligations by the Medical Director all of this must be documented comprehensible”, turns out Dr. Birgit Welke, who is in charge of the application in the business area of IT of the Charite. The essential content, processes and reports to be with the newly developed FACTScience component initiate and legally represent.

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