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February 15, 2014 in News

The method of learning the most. When we wish to capture content from any school subject, language or simply data, think about how to do it more quickly and with the greatest possible depth. We began to search for memorizing data and key phrases, subsequently getting to infer other data from the learned data, others, on the other hand, they try to visually memorize each sheet of notebook and its contents; but all that may be forgotten if you wear the Suggestopedia. What is the Suggestopedia? The Suggestopedia is a system of learning that provides quality learning both qualitative and quantitatively and with amazing speed. Have described several research papers indicating speed and amount of learning; one of the first experiments carried out is described here: in the mid 1960s, 15 professional elite, in a room of the Institute of Sugestologia of Sofia (Capital of Bulgaria) were summoned, there was among them judges, architects, masters (teachers), a doctor and other professionals. Arrived the Professor leading the experiment, while a doctor was heading to the architect who was at his side: this will not remove anything; We should stop it already.

It is wasting time. Declaring others by his side the leader wasn’t very convinced of the success of the experiment and costing work discarded the idea that had asked him to do the impossible. Anyway, they were already there and began, but with low motivation to arrive at a result. Students reviewed their sheets of text and the teacher began reading phrases in French with different intonations. Background, he began to hear a majestic classical music concert. Students are accommodated in their seats, closed their eyes and began to acquire the Hipermnesia, or in other words, the Supermemoria. The teacher could not stop reciting, sometimes in practical and imperative or functional, tone as who ordered to do a task to a pupil, then his tone was soft and quiet; suddenly the tone is hard and imperative, even in the afternoon, the Professor continued, repeating words in French, without repeating, with a special rhythm, phrases, translations.

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