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Language Centre

September 19, 2012 in News Tags: ,

In fifth place vybilos' First Kyiv translation agency. " Catches the eye is fairly modest design of the page. Site navigation is convenient and simple. The texts abound too often repeats the phrase, and it seems that employees are trying to convince the translation in the professionalism in the first place themselves, and only then – of potential customers. Do not quite understand the classification of languages by geographical location: Western and Central Europe (includes 8 languages), Eastern Europe (10 languages), Scandinavia (6 languages), CIS and Baltic countries (13 languages) and Eastern (6 languages). Also in the range of 'First Kiev BP' includes notarization of translations, legalization, apostille and obtaining a work permit.

Sixth place in the top ten took Language Centre 'Tower'. Page pleased with the bright and colorful. Particular impressive stylized Admiral image (or a pirate?). The Language Center is working on two main areas: the translation and foreign language courses. True, translation services are limited only five foreign languages (except Russian and Ukrainian). Language courses offered even less – only two language choices: English and German. Among the pleasant moments can be called a flexible financial policy for regular customers, easy navigation through the site and the map annexed to the contact information. It should be noted that advertising and blogs, and penetrate to the first page 'search engine', but I decided to pay attention only to specific sites of translation, so the first Ten closes translation 'Prime Class'. Like many competitors, the company offers language courses.

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