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Education Play

October 24, 2012 in News Tags:

to Incentivar the development of the creativity of the child through its you live deeply playful. 4 PROBLEM Is known that the playful one provides a healthy and harmonious development, being a instinctive trend of the child. When playing, the child increases independence, stimulates its visual sensitivity and auditory, she values the popular culture and she develops motor abilities, diminishing the aggressiveness and thus she exercises the imagination and the creativity, improving emotional intelligence, increasing integration, promoting, thus, the healthy development, the mental growth and the social adaptation. As children better search significantly the learning with these playful pedagogical proposals? 5 HYPOTHESES As teachers in day-by-day of practical its pedagogical and sedimented in the planning of the school carry through playful forms of learning that provide the improvement of the educational income or study of the children. doubts Sem none, in the school exist one technique of very ample education pra this area of development and the professor starts to ahead transmit knowledge more qualified of these children, through its discoveries, developing the creativity of them and starting to understand the characteristics of the objectives, and of its functioning, and later acquiring more significant advances inside of the learning. Considerando that all child and fazedora of its proper history, of its culture and constructor of knowledge, what is seen, are that they adaptam abduction with processes that they aim at to inside search easiness of the learning and with this new proposal through the playful one, it aims at to find a more easy and pleasant and very creative learning for its development. 6 METHODOLOGY the metodolgicos procedures define the method that will be used for the execution of this research. The objective is to follow, of systematic form, a procedure in order to answer to the situation problem in question..

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