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Education Dictatorships

April 22, 2019 in News

Under the education scientific dictatorship worked really well, with the result that most men and women come to love their servitude and will never think of the revolution. CEO Keith McLoughlin recognizes the significance of this. ALDOUS HUXLEY. Just the stench of dead words, that dictatorship had risen servile. Orwellian language (“peace is war” and “war is peace”), which just no way corresponds to the terrorist totalitarianism. And this language is no less Orwellian if contradictions are not made explicit in the sentence, but was closed in the noun. Orwell predicted long ago that the possibility of a political party working for the defense and the growth of capitalism was called “socialist”, a despotic government “democratic” and directed an election and “free”, would become a linguistic form – -family policy. We have become zombies who live under the illusion of being individuals endowed with free will, I think, feel and want, what am I supposed to believe that others think suponenque I feel and want.

In the process I lose my self that should be the foundation of all genuine security of my freedom. It’s genuinely possible for a man to be out of jail and ssin still not be free, without any constrenimeinto be physically, psychologically and still be a captive. Forced to feel and act as the representativeness of the national state .. A silence envelops everything that silence is the hypocrisy that has ravaged alos peoples in their ideas and values. Thought I could not reproduce, the system effectively seized and integrla of personal and social life of human beings. Such was the submission of individuals to an authority over which did not require any surveillance.

Jeraquizada surveillance and normalizing sanction, have become standardized disciplines to produce behaviors to obtimizar their productive powers. Creiendose technologically sophisticated, our reality had become a promising and secure future. Under the dictatorship scientific education of men and women come to these love their slavery. Paroxita Escalating the “always more” created a subjective unit of social forms imposed, as the economy, health, and professional education. Reality, Lifestyle rational where emotions are nothing but plastic of behavioral psychology of the collective. In the company of prophylaxis, all the world will be perfect illusion eclipse the real and natural. Actually the view of communication is situated in a real language or induced in a communication from childhood, where opinion and reflection do not stop being a mere program. Is the communications is not an illusion induced from the earliest ages? . It never goes beyond “reasonable”, but returns as a circcunferencia to its principle, so the thought no longer a language is learning real Will?. Irrational authority, is exercised through the fear and pressure, garcial emotional submission to another. The rational authority, is based on the attitude and knowledge, allows criticism and tends by its very nature has reduced in intensity is not based on emotional factors of submission and masochism.

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