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Chinggis Language

January 8, 2013 in News Tags: ,

Existing system of writing adapted for a particular language group. Orkhon-Yenisey runes in all probability have been the earliest written language, and used it syanbiytsy. Monuments Khitan letter ('big' letter used characters 'small' letter was a peculiar mixture of the Khitan writing and sound images) dating X century. In the days of Genghis Khan for communication and public records and historical documents at first enjoyed the Uyghur language and the Uighur script. And in 1269 adopted the Tibetan letter, the basis of which Locho Gyachan – great lama Pakba took syllable 'square script' (also called pakba). This letter included all available at the time features of the language spoken Mongol elite, as a result of which it was tied to one of the dialects.

Moreover pakba as the Tibetan letter is rather complicated. It has been used for nearly a century. In the period from 1307 to 1311 years, Lama Chouji Odserom was developed vertical Mongolian letter. As a basis, he took the Uighur writing. This variant became dominant among all other existing at the time the options Mongolian writing.

In Inner Mongolian alphabet Mongolian vertical letters used today. In this alphabet the author did not use many of the differences in the phonetic language, so it was easily compatible with the languages and dialects of the Mongolian language group. Another advantage of the alphabet Odsera was simplicity in style, which contributed to a convenient shorthand. Over time, based on it was formed transcriptional variant, which was used to write words from other languages, the signs of its use to this day. In 1648, Lama Zaya Pandit Namkaydzhamtso was created upright letter to the Oirat language, and in 1686 was over the development of syllabic horizontal square Soyombo letters. In 1910, Lama Aghvan Dorjiev letter to the Buryat language, which was similar Oirat letter. There were other attempts to create a script for the Mongolian language group, but they were not widespread. The earliest monument of Mongolian writing is Chinggis stone, dating from the beginning of the XIII century, which was carved the inscription. By this time, and monuments of the Mongolian folk poetry, such as 'Song of Bohe-Chiglera' and 'Hongiradskaya song'. In the subsequent time preserved the ethnic character of the literature. Since the XVII century was dominated by Lamaist literature (treatises on various subjects). And since the XIX century, began its development so-called 'Secular' literature. From XX century until the present time – the stage of development of modern Mongolian literature.

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