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Change In A Democracy

April 16, 2019 in News

This does not happen and that is why we say that we live in a democracy of voters but not citizens. As if this were not enough, most candidates for whom we can vote are people who lack real ideas and projects to solve social problems and this is reflected from the moment they launch their campaigns, only to remember the last process electoral characterized by the absence of actual proposals. Election campaigns are based more on seek votes through subsidiarity and benevolence, promising unrealistic things or speaking ill of their opponents so that they look bad to voters. The worst happens when these candidates win the elections and all the campaign promises that are left; promises. Most Mexicans have always felt this disappointment, seeing these candidates to give us back once they come to power. This disappointment is growing every day accompanied by social unrest but also a grim air of conformity, then what can we do. So if the candidates who aspire to be inspired only ever felt disappointment and that will never change, how we can bring to Mexico in this situation where there is no way out and we settle for what we have. The answer is that we make real Mexican citizens, able to see for our community and not wait for a politician to come and achieve that change.

The famous change is due to give in all ways and starts from the way we act every day. If politicians do not want to see for the common good of society, it is necessary for us if we see by the common good and that is where we need to encourage active citizenship. Enough of attitudes and comments that sometimes people say the same about you can not change people, it is impossible for all to see for others, that people just come by themselves and do not care for anything else. It is essential for everyone to see for others and this starts with civic education, from separating garbage, save water, rubbish in its place, how to properly, respecting parking spaces for people with disabilities, not to bite, etc. .. but also require active respect and comply with the rules by others. Once this is achieved our representatives actually represent us both in quantity and ideology as the company would be generating a new kind of politician, politicians, citizens society committed to their current political and not characterized by lust for power, but lacking in urgent need of votes for proposals. El cambio no sera inmediato, tendrian que pasar al menos dos generaciones mas para ver reflejada dicha actitud pero de igual manera podremos garantizar a nuestras generaciones futuras un mejor desarrollo y equidad.

It is then that if a political party promoting candidates like we have today, people just naturally reject and repudiate. If we are better citizens, candidates, consequently, have to be better politicians and people, and that a candidate like most of those we have today may not be with the demands of a people who have made the change for yourself . Change must begin and it is us that we promote. Emerge comments about it's hard to get all the people who are in Mexican politics only for their own personal interests, but if we opt for change, future generations may enjoy the benefits of citizen democracy. Create a democracy of citizens and voters is the great challenge we have and we must be aware that we alone are responsible for the change.

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